1.5” iMotion Single Screen

33,000.00 US$

A turnkey racing simulator package that includes the immersion and durability of a VRX simulator in a compact form factor.


The VRX 1.5” motion single screen simulator features a four-post motion actuator system, a 55” 4K display, and realistic driving controls

This system is perfect for the sim-racing enthusiast or gamer and combines immersion and durability into a smaller footprint.

The system is preconfigured and arrives turnkey with some assembly required.


  • 1.5” motion
  • Single 55” 4K Screen 
  • Simucube Sport
  • Cube Controls GT Rim
  • Performance PC
  • Fanatec V3 Pedals

Customize your own iMotion

Explore the iMotion options and pricing, then submit a quote for your own custom configuration!
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