6” iMotion Triple Screen

63,700.00 US$

A turnkey racing simulator package designed for the sim-racing enthusiast or semi-pro driver.


The VRX 6” motion triple screen simulator features a four-post motion actuator system, three 55” 4K displays, and ultra-realistic driving controls.

This system is designed as a professional training tool with maximum versatility and performance. 

The upgraded 6” motion system provides maximum range of motion for all types of driving.

The hydraulic pedals provide an incredibly realistic driving feel and the triple screen setup, combined with virtual reality, provide maximum immersion for training and entertainment applications.

The system is preconfigured and arrives turnkey with some assembly required.


  • 6” motion
  • Triple 55” 4K Screen
  • Simucube Ultimate
  • Cube Controls GT Rim
  • With VR
  • 7-Speed H-Pattern Shifter
  • Upgraded Performance PC
  • Tilton Hydraulic Pedals

Customize your own iMotion

Explore the iMotion options and pricing, then submit a quote for your own custom configuration!
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