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Turnkey Racing Simulator Solutions from $40,995 USD

The VRX iMotion package is fully upgradeable with a complete list of upgrades and add-ons. The base model features a turnkey racing simulator solution so you're ready race (almost) out of the box.

  • Fully turnkey, everything you need to get up and racing, fast.
  • High quality materials
  • Highest quality components available
  • Full after sales support, white glove installation available
  • Lots of upgrade options, please ask.
The Base Model iMotion includes:
1.5" d-BOX Motion
Simucube Sport Wheelbase
GT3 Style Rim
55" 4K Display with Stand
High Performance PC
Fanatec Clubsport V3 Pedals
6 of the latest racing titles
sparco sport seat
world-class support
view imotion in 360

Add-ons & Upgrades

Immersive Motion System

A four-point motion actuator system that provides accurate and immersive motion feedback to replicate the excitement of actual driving.
1.5" motion
The 1.5” motion system is perfect for the road racer. It highlights all of the bumps and forces to give you an immersive driving experience.

3" motion
The 3” motion system further accentuates the driving experience by increasing the overall movement of the system. Perfect for on-road and off-road racing.
3inch imotion simulator
6" motion
The 6” motion system provides the ultimate flexibility and maximum range of motion available, allowing you to set the overall motion to 1.5”, 3” or the full 6".
5DOF Motion
The 5DOF motion platform allows for complete range of motion - back/forth, side/side, up/down, forward/back, and partial rotation - for the ultimate simulation experience.
5DOF platform for imotion
Mobile Platform
Mobile platform with integrated display stand (triple screen) and locking wheels. This add-on platform is perfect for installations that require frequent movement (tradeshows, events).
imotion moveable platform for events

stunning displays

Immerse yourself in the virtual track with a single or triple-screen 4K viewing experience. Available in single screen, triple screen, or virtual reality (VR), the iMotion allows for viewing experiences of all types to create the most immersive and engaging simulator solution.
Are Screens or Virtual Reality Right for You?
single screen display
A single 55” 4K display that provides a great gameplay experience with a small footprint. Includes Bose soundbar.

imotion single screen
Ultrawide Display
​A single 49” ultrawide gaming monitor that allows for faster refresh rate than a standard TV and provides a widescreen viewing experience with a small footprint.
imotion ultrawide display
Triple Screen Display
A triple-screen 55” 4K display setup that provides an immersive simulation experience with extended peripheral viewing. Great for larger spaces (includes upgraded PC).
imotion triple screen
Triple Gaming Monitor Display
A triple-screen 32” gaming monitor setup that provides an immersive simulation experience, fast refresh rate with extended peripheral viewing. Combines widescreen gameplay with a smaller footprint. (includes upgraded PC)
imotion triple gaming monitor
an ultra-clear VR headset featuring cutting-edge glass aspheric lenses. Prepare for an unparalleled level of immersive virtual reality.

direct drive steering system

Maintain complete control of your simulated vehicle with a direct-drive, force feedback steering system. The level of force feedback and accuracy depends on the model you choose.
Standard Steering System
The Simucube 2 Sport is a direct drive force feedback wheel that provides up to 15NM of force. This wheel is ideal for intermediate sim racers or gamers with moderate sim racing experience.
vrx imotion standard steering system
PRO Direct Drive Steering
The Simucube 2 Pro is a direct drive force feedback wheel that provides up to 20NM of force. This wheel is ideal for experienced sim racers or gamers and provides a larger range of force feedback.
vrx imotion pro steering system
Ultimate Direct Drive Steering
For the discerning sim racer that requires the most accurate and realistic levels of force feedback - 32NM of FFB. A greater degree of changes that can be made to the FFB parameters.
vrx imotion ultimate steering system

steering wheels for all types of vehicles

We offer a wide range of steering wheels to choose from for our racing simulator, including options with different grips, buttons and styles to suit the preferences of every driver.
VRX Standard Rim (GT)
Cube Controls GT Rim (with Simucube quick release). Configured in-game
GT rim for racing simulator
Cube Controls F1 Rim
Cube Controls F1 Rim (with Simucube quick release). Configured in-game
f1 rim for racing simulator
​Nascar Competition Rim (with Simucube quick release). Configured in-game
NASCAR rim for racing simulator

realistic pedals for accurate performance & feel

Choose from a variety of pedals, including hydraulic, load cell, and clutch options, to give players a realistic and immersive driving experience.
VRX Floor Mounted 3-Pedal Sets
The Fanatec Clubsport V3 3-pedal set with load cell brake pedal provides a realistic experience for the enthusiast sim-racer.

fanatec pedals for imotion
Tilton Floor Mounted 3-Pedal Set
The TILTON pedals feature a sturdy floor-mounted design, allowing you to apply the perfect amount of force and feel every nuance of the road.
tilton pedals for imotion

immersive shifters & handbrakes

Enhance your driving experience with gated and sequential shifters, as well as a variety of handbrake options for off-road and drifting simulation experiences.
Requires a shifter/handbrake mounting system.
Fanatec 7-Speed Shifter
The Fanatec Clubsport Shifter SQ V1.5 with adjustable mounting system provides a 7-speed (plus reverse) shifting experience for gated-shifter cars. Ideal for intermediate sim-racers and gamers.
fanatec 7 speed shifter
quaife pro sim 6-speed shifter
Professional level 6-speed shifter with highly realistic shifting feel made by Quaife.Ideal for experienced sim-racers and training applications.

quaife shifter
thrustmaster handbrake/sequential
​Thrustmaster TSS - Handbrake & Forward and back upshift/downshift. Ideal for rally & rallycross racing

thrustmaster sequential
Fanatec Handbrake
​Fanatec Handbrake ideal for rally racing and drifting applications

fanatec handbrake
Hydraulic Handbrake
​Hydraulic handbrake giving the best and most realistic feel in rally/drift simulations.

DSD handbrake

high-quality racing seats

Improve your simulator look and feel with authentic racing seats from Sparco.
SParco R100 Seat
High quality Sparco R100 reclining sport seat with fabric cover. Fully adjustable forward and back, with reclining seat back.

sparco chrono
Sparco EVO Qrt
The EVO QRT series of seats feature the most back angle rake of all Sparco seats for a very comfortable driving position. Available in Large and Extra Large.
sparco qrt racing seat

The VRX Simulation Software Pack

We curate the best racing simulation titles available and package them for use on our simulators. The VRX Simulation Software Pack contains all of the following titles.
iracing (1 year)
iracing image
Assetto Corsa
assetto corsa software title
AC Competizione
assetto corsa competizione software title
Automobilista 2
automobilista 2 logo
dirt rally 2
dirt rally software title
f1 2022
f1 2022

Additional Options

Add additional functionality and customization to your simulator with our various add-ons an accessories.
Flight Control Package
Add our flight control and software package to your iMotion simulator. This allows you to seamlessly switch between racing and flight simulation for maximum enjoyment!
vrx imotion flight control package
Custom Simulator Wrap
Add your own flair to your VRX iMotion with our custom wrap option. We can design a custom wrap to match your style or you can download our wrap templates here.
imotion supply your own steering
VRX White Glove Installation
We offer full white glove installation, anywhere in the world, for all of our products. Our team will spend two full days setting up your simulator and training you on how to use it.
vrx white glove installation
simulator options
shifters &
simulator options
motion system
stunning displays
steering systems
steering wheels
pedal options
shifters & handbrakes
racing seats
software options
Additional Options
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