Is Virtual Reality Right For You? A Racing Simulator Perspective

Virtual Reality (aka VR) adds a new dimension of immersion to simulation. When you put on the headset, it places you directly in the virtual world - allowing you control the camera using your head in first-person view.

By providing a full 360° perspective, the virtual world feels real and literally right in front of you. For those looking for the most realistic and immersive experience available, there is no better option than using a virtual reality headset.

But is virtual reality for everyone?

virtual reality headset


VR adds an entirely new dimension of realism that can't be matched with screens

When you put on a VR headset, you become the camera and the first person view is controlled by your head and body movements - just like actual reality.

When sitting in a racing or flight simulator, this puts you directly in the seat.

VR lends itself well to seated experiences like racing and flight simulators. VRX's simulators are optimized for seated experiences so everything feels natural when you put on a virtual reality headset. The steering wheel and pedals match their virtual representation in the headset so where you want to put your hands lands directly on the steering wheel.

When you add motion into the mix, you get an exhilarating experience that is as realistic and immersive as it gets.

Aside from a single monitor for setup, you don't need large screens in front of you during gameplay

Once you are immersed in the simulation or experience, the monitor is not necessary as you can't see it anyway (unless you use it for spectators). This means that your overall simulator can be smaller as it doesn't require a large monitor aside from setting up the experience.

A single screen iMotion would work well for a virtual reality option.

Single-Screen iMotion iMotion on 3" Motion System

As VR gets better, the experiences will only become more engaging and immersive

is virtual reality right for you

Technology is continually improving and VR is improving with it. Not too long ago we required a fixed base station in order to monitor the VR headset location. Now we have headsets that don't require a base station and therefore allow much more flexibility during use.

Racing simulation is particularly evolved when it comes to VR and some of the best virtual reality experiences are available as racing simulation titles (iRacing, Project CARS).

By including virtual reality integration into your racing simulator, you ensure you'll get the most out of it for years to come.


It's not as suitable for players who are prone to motion sickness

Although exciting and immersive, sometimes the first-person perspective of virtual reality makes some people experience motion sickness, especially when being used for extended periods of time.

If you are prone to motion sickness, a triple screen iMotion may be a better option if you're still looking for an immersive experience.

It requires an intermediate level of comfort with technology

VRX Simulators are designed to be user friendly. We understand that the vast majority of our customers are drivers and racing enthusiasts, not software engineers.

Virtual reality headsets have a series of steps that ensure they stay properly configured and provide the best experience possible. This requires some level of comfort on how to use them from a technical and troubleshooting perspective.

In order to avoid frustration during your racing simulation experience, screens may the best option to start with - you can always upgrade to VR later!

There may be limited selection when it comes to VR-compatible titles

Racing simulation is one of the most mature niches in virtual reality development. There are dozens of VR-compatible titles and some of the best VR titles are racing simulation experiences.

If your primary use for the simulator is racing or flight simulation, you should have very little trouble finding software that is compatible with your VR headset.

However, some developers elect to delay their VR development, or avoid it entirely. Therefore some software titles may not ever receive VR compatibility. Feel free to ask us about what is and isn't compatible.

You need a relatively powerful PC to use VR for racing or flight simulation

All of our new (2019 and newer) simulator models have more than enough power to be VR compatible. However, if you have an older unit and are considering VR, you may want to think about about upgrading the PC.


Virtual reality is an amazing tool when used correctly and in the right context. Most people enjoy the experience but there are a select few who don't. If you're on the fence about VR, feel free to contact us for questions.

Our team are experts on simulation and know the ins and outs of virtual reality in a simulation setting. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.

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