June 16, 2022

The Next Phase of VRX LIVE

F1 Tunnel Boat racer, Brook Butler, and VRX partner to further develop VRX LIVE and the capabilities for real-time, high-speed motion experiences that can be enjoyed from the driver's perspective.

vrx live racing boat

F1 Tunnel Boat Racer, Brook Butler, is pleased to officially announce his partnership with VRX Simulators in order to further develop the VRX LIVE technology.

VRX LIVE has already made waves with motorsport entertainment by bringing the in-car driver experience directly to the fans through virtual reality. Video, motion, and sound data is transmitted to LIVE-equipped VRX motion simulators so fans can enjoy the ultimate ride-along experience.

“The technology can be used for so many things,” says Robert Stanners, CEO/Founder of VRX. “Seated experiences, like cars, boats, and aircraft are all applications for VRX LIVE. Replicating the exhilaration of what the driver or pilot feels in real-time, with next-to-zero latency, creates a whole new level of enjoyment for the fan.”

The LIVE technology is also supported by D-BOX Motion, an integral motion provider for VRX's simulation products through their line of actuators and motion integration SDK.

brook butler vrx live racing boat

Well-known in the racing industry, VRX is not limiting themselves to land-based motorsports. By partnering with Brook, VRX can begin developing marine-based LIVE experiences such as first-person ride alongs. Fans don’t have to be constrained by geography to enjoy the race.

An avid boat racer himself, Brook has been racing for over 10 years and has competed in ¼ mile drag racing and has been racing in the F1 boat series since 2018.

Brook races a Seebold tunnel boat and the boat holds three unbroken world records since the late 90s. Since taking possession of the boat, Brook has completely restored the boat and rigged it out himself – building two complete engines during this time.

“It’s great to be out on the water again after the hiatus during the pandemic,” says Brook Butler. “I’ve always loved what VRX does and being able to share the world of powerboat racing is an awesome opportunity."

The first step is to test a real-time “ride-along” with Brook during his next race.

“I can't wait to show the dedication and skill it takes to control these boats at high speeds. If there is a way we can bring that experience to more people, there’s no better partner to have than VRX."

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