VRX iMotion

The iMotion series use D-BOX technology to create an incredibly realistic full motion experience. With an advanced force feedback steering system, stunning visuals, and immersive surround, the VRX iMotion simulators will leave you breathless in the seat.

VRX iMotion Motion Simulator

VRX Viper

The Viper series is specially designed to provides an amazing experience for the sim-racing enthusiast. With force feedback controls, immersive triple screen array, and a captivating surround sound system, the VRX Viper simulators let you experience the track from the comfort of your home.

VRX Racing Simulator

VRX Pro Flight

The Pro Flight series creates an immersive flight experience by replicating full cockpit environments, flight controls, and instrument panels. With a beautiful 5-screen array, the VRX Pro Flight simulators are the perfect fit for training, gaming, or commercial applications.

VRX Flight Simulator

Strap into a fully immersive, high definition, multi-platform simulator. Featuring a world-class MOOG six degree of freedom motion platform, a triple-seat setup, quick-swap controllers, and full motion integration for the world’s best simulation software.


  • Intel Developer Forum
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    At the Intel Developer Forum in San Francisco, Intel revealed their RealSense headtracking technology. VRX participated by demonstrating the first-look at RealSense on a VRX racing simulator with iRacing.
  • CES
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    CES showcases the world's newest and most advanced consumer electronics technology. VRX had the opportunity to showcase our iMotion Z-55 as guests of Replay XD and Escort. There was some groundbreaking technology being demonstrated, and VRX had continuous crowds at their booths.
  • Barrett Jackson Scottsdale
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    Barrett Jackson Scottsdale is the biggest collector car auction in the world, spanning a 10-day event that attracts over a million people. VRX demonstrated two of our latest systems that attracted hundreds of people to the booth each day.
  • E3
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    The Electronic Entertainment Expo is the largest electronics and video game exposition in the world. Held in Los Angeles each year, E3 attracts the newest and most innovative additions to the video game and virtual reality industry.
  • GAMESCOM 2015
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    VRX attended Gamescom, the largest gaming convention in Europe. With a record attendance of 345,000 visitors, VRX had the opportunity to show off their Forza owned and branded 7.2 event simulators running Forza Motorsport 6.
  • Abbotsford Airshow
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    The Breitling Jet Team had VRX as guests at the Abbotsford Airshow, held annually in Abbotsford, BC. The Breitling Jet Team had a blast practicing on their L-39 Albatros in-game before performing, and the simulator was a hit for others who had the chance to fly it.