July 9, 2019

The World's Most Expensive Forza Simulator | Powered by VRX Simulators

VRX, Microsoft, and McLaren team up to provide the world's best (and most expensive) Forza Motorsport experience as part of Microsoft's flagship store in London, UK.

mclaren senna in microsoft london store
McLaren Senna posed in Microsoft Store

Specializing in motion simulation and experiences, the VRX engineering team worked tirelessly for over two months to retrofit a McLaren Senna with D-BOX motion actuators. The car was also fitted with wiring and button systems in order to interface with Forza Motorsport 7 on Xbox One S - the world's first and only full-car motion experience that works with a consumer game console.

Situated in Oxford Circus, the McLaren simulator will be part of Microsoft's flagship store in London. A 21,932 square foot (spanning three floors) behemoth, the tech giant's store is designed to provide interactive experiences, showcase the company's newest technology, and allow the community to learn more about digital technology as a whole.

"We were incredibly excited to be part of this project," said Robert Stanners, CEO of VRX. "Microsoft has been a close partner of ours for over a decade. Joining forces to show the world what technology and simulation can do is exactly what VRX has been doing for 20 years."

Forza Horizon 4's cover car is the McLaren Senna. This simulator is designed to show the unique relationship between technology, entertainment, and the automotive industry.

"VRX started out creating a unique way for people to experience old school racing games," says Stanners. "Games today have become so realistic and provide such an amazing experience. Our team at VRX continues to find ways to provide something that you can't experience at home. There's no better company to work with to do that than Microsoft."

Companies from varying industries continue to invest in unique and exciting experiences in order to engage their consumer base. VRX is no stranger to these experiences and has built solutions for Toyota, Hyundai, Microsoft, Intel, T-Mobile, and Ericsson - to name a few.

You can experience the McLaren Senna simulator for yourself at 253-259 Regent St in London.

To learn more about what interactive experience solutions VRX can provide), you can contact us or download our portfolio.

4 comments on “The World's Most Expensive Forza Simulator | Powered by VRX Simulators”

  1. It’s awesome to see how far technology has come
    I designed and built a simulator called Cyberkart
    I launched all Microsoft s early forza games at events across Australia.
    We always struggled with the steering wheels breaking at events because they were plastic.
    The new Fanatec wheels are incredible and I only wish I was still apart of the simulator development program

  2. Can the technology be used to educate high school students in driver improvement / skid control etc.


    1. Hi Jim,

      Absolutely. We have several simulators that have been used in educational and research environments with California Polytechnical Institute, Toyota Connected, Microsoft Research, and other post secondary institutions in Canada. If you want to contact our sales team at https://www.vrx.ca they would be happy to provide more information.

      - VRX

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