May 3, 2019

Shockwave Motorsports Driver, Dave Smith, Trains for Weather Tech Raceway, Salinas California, Race This Weekend on VRX Simulator

Training on simulators has become an increasingly effective tool for helping drivers learn the track before they set foot in a real car.

David Smith, owner of Shockwave Marine Suspension Seating and Shockwave Motorsports, is a 68 year old semi-pro NASCAR and SCCATA2 driver who has seen his fair share of seat time. He races regularly in The Keg Drivers Challenge at Western Speedway (Victoria, BC) and also the Trans Am series across the US.

"Simulation has become very impressive." says Smith of Shockwave. "This saves so much money and all your costs per lap are negated by what you can do [with a simulator]. The car feels pretty much identical. An hour on this equals an hour on the track for sure."

Dave has spent the last few days preparing for his race weekend in the Trans Am Series at Weather Tech Raceway this weekend. A high quality simulator allows him to put his body and his mind through mental training exercises to better understand areas in which he can improve.

"I don't have any other words for it other than it's spot on. It's awesome."

VRX and Shockwave have a long history that dates back several decades. With a strong foothold in the marine industry, Shockwave has become the industry leader for marine suspension seating and understands the importance of providing a quality solution both in theory and in practice.

The relationship between the two companies stems from innovation and passion - the ability to identify problems and develop solutions to overcome all sorts of challenges have allowed them to become household names in their respective industries. This provides a great foundation for showcasing the real-world application of simulation in racing.

We wish Dave the best of luck this weekend!

Dave Smith from Shockwave Motorsports testing out simulator on a variety of tracks.

About Shockwave

SHOCKWAVE’s heritage dates back over four decades to the development, building and supplying of safety products for NASCAR racing vehicles. It was this technology and know-how that led us to develop suspension seats and consoles for marine use.

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