The Viper series is our non-motion simulator and features an advanced force feedback steering system, stunning visuals, and immersive audio. With 500 watts of surround sound, our Viper simulators deliver a robust, maintenance-free experience with unsurpassed realism and precision that will leave you breathless in the seat. Built for the serious PC gamer, this advanced system will drop you directly into the action.


All VRX components are made using top-grade, standardized equipment from North America.
All of our simulators are hand-built in Canada and tested extensively to ensure your product arrives in perfect condition.

Quality Simulator Construction


VRX simulators are assembled by hand in Canada and manufactured using polished stainless steel and aircraft-grade aluminum – components that provide a lifetime of durability. Our precision manufacturing includes professional and discreet wire routing and industry-leading two-inch steel chassis tubing that allows for quick installation of future add-ons. With military specification hard-black anodized finish on select components, our simulators provide excellent durability and stunning aesthetics.

Modular Design


Industry leading and robust design with two a inch polished stainless steel tube chassis, which allows installation of future add-ons. Military specification hard-black anodized finish on select components for excellent durability and stunning aesthetics.

Racing Simulator LED Visuals


VRX uses a stunning visual display to immerse you into your virtual racing or flight environment. Three 27-inch ultra-slim bezel, HD LED displays, combine to form a stunning surround vision experience with clarity and stunning realism. The simulation is truly engaging, blurring the line between simulation and reality.

Z906 Speaker System


500 Watts of 5.1 surround sound accurately reproduces the ferocity of a real race car with thunderous bass, strong mids, and accurate highs. Speakers are securely mounted in a location for optimal acoustics, which includes rear speakers mounted directly behind the driver.

Advanced Motion System


A solid foundation brings our textured movements to life. Our uniquely designed simulator platform is finished in a durable, 3M DI-NOC carbon fiber, with high quality, lockable castors that make transporting and set up a breeze. Lightweight and amazingly strong, this platform can be set up anywhere.

Racing Simulator Gearbox


Versatile and customizable, this shifter can be configured into a gated or sequential layout – and when combined with Fanatec F1 paddle shifters, the TH8 offers a dynamic setup for any type of racing. It can be mounted on the left or right depending on preference or vehicle and is easily integrated into our flight package.

Racing Simulator Wheel


With proven German design, the Clubsport Wheel provides and a truly authentic experience through precision and true-to-life features. The dynamic steering wheel includes an authentic racing quick-release mechanism, Alcantara finished grips, adjustable F1-style paddle shifters, an LED display showing motor RPM and other telemetry functions, and five configurable profiles that can be changed directly from the wheel. Choose between an open wheel F1-style rim, or an exact replica BMW M3 GT2 racing wheel. Both provide unprecedented realism and dual vibration motors to replicate ABS shudder.

Fantec v3 Pedals

Fanatec V3 pedals

With spring tension, angle, and travel adjustments on each pedal, the underfoot experience is precisely what you need to immerse yourself in the simulation. The pedals come standard with a brake, featuring load cell and oil damper technology, as well as potentiometer adjustment and a true-to-life vibration motor.

Ultra Performance PC


Gaming PCs drive everything we do, so we only use the leading edge of software and technology available. Boasting an average of 240 FPS and an ambient light canopy that eliminates glare, the PC is pre-installed and configured with sophisticated racing simulation software. We test extensively to ensure the system is rock solid and ready to race.