Strap into a fully immersive, high definition, multi-platform simulator. Featuring a world-class MOOG six degree of freedom motion platform, a triple-seat setup, quick-swap controllers, and full motion integration for the world’s best simulation software, the VRX Raptor provides the ultimate simulation and entertainment experience. Whether you are looking for a high-fidelity training tool or an exciting entertainment showpiece, the VRX Raptor is the world’s only motion simulator that can be customized for flight, racing, roller coaster, and much more.


The VRX Raptor simulator uses a state of the art MOOG-built motion platform. With 26 inches of stroke and a high fidelity motion cueing capability, the VRX Raptor provides the most advanced custom six-degree-of-freedom motion solution available today. The motion platform can move up to 4,000lbs with ease and provides an extremely realistic motion experience that can be custom tailored for various applications.


At VRX, we realize everyone is different. That is why we have specially designed a state-of-the-art quick swap system that allows you to integrate all our premium controllers and quickly interchange them depending on the type of simulation you want to experience. Whether you want to test drive a McLaren on the coastal highway of California, or fly an F18 over the Himalayas, our quick swap system lets you change out controller sets in just a few minutes.


The VRX Raptor provides an extremely robust and customizable platform that can be tailored for single and multi-user experiences. Our premium Recaro leather, triple seat setup allows for one pilot and two passengers, perfect for an added level of entertainment or user participation. The seating arrangement can also be expanded for more seating to provide multi-user, flying theatre style experiences on a single motion platform.


One of the most important parts of any immersive experience are the visuals. VRX uses a stunning visual display to immerse you in the virtual environment. With ultra-slim bezel 4K screens to display the simulation visuals, the VRX Raptor offers crisp clarity and stunning realism. The experience is truly engaging and blurs the line between simulation and reality.


As part of the flight simulation package, we have created a customizable instrument panel that can be tailored for various aircraft. The quick-swap technology allows you to interchange instrument panels with ease to ensure you get the most out of your experience.


The impact of amazing audio separates the good from the incredible. With a full 7.2, surround sound system seamlessly placed for optimal acoustics, the simulation will envelope you in sound and provide an extremely immersive and unforgettable experience.


Tactile transducers under the seat are specially placed to provide an added dimension to the experience. Whether it be the rumble of a race car engine, or the hum of a helicopter rotor, you will feel every aspect of the simulation as if you were actually sitting in the seat.

Additional Features


The VRX 6-DOF offers full software control from an integrated touch panel in the overhead structure. Using a surface tablet, the user can control the simulator from the pilot’s seat using a specially designed and easy to use user interface. This allows the user to quickly select simulation titles, shutdown and restart the simulator, and explore other functional aspects of the 6-DOF simulator.

Full Simulator Control and Automation from Overhead Structure

The VRX 6-DOF simulator is built with an overhead structure that contains a series of buttons, switches, and knobs for every aspect of the simulation experience. From the pilot’s seat, the user can control the intensity of the motion, adjust the position of the driving controls, and engage the safety measures in the event of an emergency.

Custom Developed Motion Integration for “Plug and Play” Operation

The motion for the VRX 6-DOF was custom developed and integrated for iRacing and Xplane 10, making the first 6DOF motion platform to be compatible with off-the-shelf simulation software. Motion cueing for the platform was painstakingly tested and refined to create smooth and ultra-realistic movement for a plug and play experience.

Non-slip Decking

The VRX 6-DOF’s deck is painted with high-quality marine-grade non-slip decking to prevent users from slipping upon entering and exiting the simulator. The non-slip surface also stops users’ feet from sliding during use.

Full Safety Harness System on All Seats

Each seat is equipped with a four point harness to provide optimum safety measures during the simulator’s operation. The racing harness is identical to what is used in performance racing vehicles, which adds to the realism, comfort, and immersion of the experience.


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With an advanced force feedback steering system, stunning visuals, and immersive surround, the VRX Viper simulators will leave you breathless in the seat. Our Viper simulators deliver a robust, simple, and maintenance-free experience with unsurpassed realism and precision.