At VRX, we pride ourselves on designing custom and innovative ways for humans to interact with technology through our simulators.


At VRX Labs we can design, develop, and build your custom idea from start to finish. Whether for a commercial application, museum exhibit, or to show off your company’s technology on our hardware – if you can dream it, we can build it.


Below is the World’s first Bobsleigh simulator, designed and built by VRX Simulators and VROX Sport Simulation.



Throughout VRX’s history, we have designed, developed, and built dozens of custom simulators and experiences that have been exhibited in front of thousands of people all over the world. From start to finish, your idea can come alive and set you apart from the rest.

Richmond Olympic Experience

In 2014, in cooperation with the Richmond Olympic Oval, VRX & VROX Sport Simulation created a full interactive Olympic exhibit to showcase Canadian success in the 2010 Winter Olympics.

Microsoft Twin Seat Simulator

Microsoft and VRX Simulators collaborated to create the first ever two seat driving simulator to operate with Forza Motorsport 6.

The simulator was used to demonstrate new driving technology developed by Microsoft at MGX 2016 in Orlando, FL.

Commercial Simulator

The iMotion series use D-BOX technology to create an incredibly realistic full motion experience. With an advanced force feedback steering system, stunning visuals, and immersive surround, the VRX iMotion simulators will leave you breathless in the seat. With 500 watts of surround sound, textured ground and air current feedback, engine vibrations and shock response, our iMotion simulators deliver a robust, maintenance-free experience with unsurpassed realism and precision.


VRX’s commercial simulator was designed for usee in commercial racerooms. These units are meant to be purchased in large quantities and are ready to be linked together in a custom raceroom built to your specific needs. These units have been designed with durability, and serviceability in mind and provide the peace of mind with VRX’s support network.

Haptic Floor

When paired with a market leading VR headset the VRX Haptic floor will open the door into the virtual world. Offering real-time feedback through the floor you are standing on. This is achieved through the strategic mounting of D-Box Motion actuators. This system will revolutionize the VR gaming industry. Working with our partners to unlock the true potential of binaural sound we are looking to integrate this technology into our VR Systems allowing you to eliminate any bulky, and uncomfortable audio equipment allowing for the creation of a whole new immersive universe within it’s bounds.


The VRX 6-DOF Motion Simulator uses a World-class MOOG motion platform that supports an incredible mass of 1800 Kg. The first of it’s kind, the 6-DOF Motion Simulator provides an immersive racing, flight, or virtual reality experience with industry leading electronics and advanced software.


With expandable seating arrangements (single-seat,, triple-seat or six-seater), the VRX 6-DOF Motion Simulator provides a versatile, robust, and unique addition to VRX’s Motion Simulation product line. This simulator will help propel VRX into a whole new level of simulation.


VRX, in collaboration with Toyota Connected and Microsoft, created a twin seat simulator that serves as a development platform for the “Connected Car”.


Through incredible engineering, revolutionary design and seamless integration, VRX developed the second iteration of a highly custom and state of the art simulator that will contribute to technologies applied in real-world vehicles.

VRX RaceRoom

The VRX RaceRoom provides a turnkey package that offers intense head-to-head competition perfect for commercial environments. Backed by amusement ride safety standards and scalable up to a full grid of racing pods, the VRX RaceRoom offers a multiplayer racing experience that is completely self-contained, self-operating, and immerses players with World-renowned VRX quality.