VRX iMotion

With 500 watts of surround sound, textured ground and air current feedback, engine vibrations and shock response, VRX iMotion will leave you breathless in the seat.

VRX iMotion Simulator

VRX Viper

With high power amplifiers, textured ground feedback, engine vibrations and shock response, VRX Viper lets you race and experience endless possibilities behind the wheel.

VRX Viper Racing Simulator

VRX Pro Flight

With replica throttles, rudder pedals, yokes and precision navigation sticks, VRX Pro Flightis perfectly suited to training, gaming or commercial purposes.

VRX Flight Simulator

Strap into a fully immersive, high definition, multi-platform simulator. Featuring a world-class MOOG six degree of freedom motion platform, a triple-seat setup, quick-swap controllers, and full motion integration for the world’s best simulation software.