The VRX Pro Flight creates a true to life experience that is fully immersive. Our systems puts you in the seat of virtually any type of aircraft, in any type of weather or conditions. With replica throttles, rudder pedals, yokes and precision navigation sticks, the VRX Pro Flight system is a comprehensive simulation that is perfectly suited to training, gaming or commercial purposes.


Our flight simulator provides a real-world experience that integrates environmental and sound shifts while you are immersed in either a VR headset, curved, triple or five screen display. You get as close to being in flight as is possible while still on the ground.


All VRX components are made using top-grade, standardized equipment from North America.
All of our simulators are hand-built in Canada and tested extensively to ensure your product arrives in perfect condition.

Advanced Motion System


Our simulators use a completely responsive motion system for vehicle and flight simulation. The D-BOX motion system enables our us to produce highly realistic experiences that respond and adapt to real-life situations, such as road and air textures, velocity, engine vibrations and vehicle motions.


Our simulations use a stunning visual display to immerse you into your virtual racing or flight environment. With set-ups of three or five screens, or a single curved screen, we use ultra-slim HD LED screens to create crisp clarity and stunning realism. Using true high definition technology, VRX replicates the staggering impact on your sense of sight, capturing the fine details of the cockpit and the sky as you fly through the air. The simulation is truly engaging, blurring the line between simulation and reality.

Replica Flight Simulator Throttle


Our flight simulators come with replica Thrustmaster Hotas Warthog throttles, each equipped with an adjustable friction system for firm, linear and fluid tension. The Thrustmaster also includes a realistic idle detent and disengageable afterburner detent with “Pull and Push” system. With realistic pressure on buttons and switches, the unit gives you complete control of your aircraft.

Z906 Speaker System


500 Watts of 5.1 surround sound accurately reproduce the ferocity of a real racing car with thunderous bass, strong mid levels, and accurate highs. Speakers are securely mounted in a location for optimal acoustics, including rear speakers directly behind the pilot to bring you directly into the cockpit.

Modular Design


Industry leading and robust design with two a inch polished stainless steel tube chassis, which allows installation of future add-ons. Military specification hard-black anodized finish on select components for excellent durability and stunning aesthetics.


The Saitek Pro Flight Yoke System is precisely engineered to meet the exact needs of the true flight simulation enthusiast. With a stainless steel shaft, ergonomic controls, integrated chronograph, and separate throttle quadrant it ensures a smooth, accurate, and true to life flying experience that immerses you in the experience.

Replica Flight Simulator Navigation Stick


An innovative new Hall Effect Accurate Technology (H.E.A.R.T) navigation stick uses 3D magnetic sensors to create surgical precision in your control. This dynamic stick features a five-coil spring system that provides firm, linear, and fluid tension with no dead zones.

Flight Simulator Rudder Pedals


PFC Rudder Pedals create a true-to-life simulation that will give you the exciting experience of piloting a fighter jet or commercial plane. With rock-solid construction and great performance, the rudder and toe brakes bring you a step closer to real-world flying.

Ultra Performance PC


Gaming PCs drive everything we do, so we only use the leading edge of software and technology available. Boasting an average of 240 FPS and an ambient light canopy that eliminates glare, the PC is pre-installed and configured with sophisticated racing simulation software. We test extensively to ensure the system is rock solid and ready to race.